You Can’t Go Home Again - Parodos Part I

Val begins to look for Jenna Bardi, the girlfriend he left without warning. After getting mislead by LES hustler Tommy Machine, Val has a chance meeting with Jenna, but Jenna wants nothing to do with him. Val tries explaining why he went, but Jenna tells him that it’s too late, she has moved on with her life. Val asks to see her one last time under the guise of obtaining closure. Jenna agrees to one final meeting at her new place for dinner that evening.

Upon arrival at her apartment, Jenna introduces Val to her friend Lara, and to Ian, Jenna’s new husband. (Ian looks suspiciously familiar to the man abusing the girl at Elsa’s house). Val is taken aback by the news of Jenna’s marriage. Further to add insult to injury, Val learns Ian is a successful painter and holding a show in a few months at the prestigious Turner-Prince Gallery. The same gallery where Val would have shown had he not sabotaged his career.

Val realizes he has lost Jenna, and as he is about to capitulate, Ian receives a phone call from his lover which instigates an argument between Jenna and Ian. While they argue, Val and Lara excuse themselves and leave.
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