Crosstown Traffic - Parodos Part II

Out on the street infront of Jenna's appartment, Val and Lara decide to go to a bar for a nightcap and through their conversation, Val learns how Jenna met Ian.

Val takes a taxi back to the LES and has a philosophical discussion with the cab driver. Arriving home, Val walks into his building and hears Jimmy Hendrix’s Crosstown Traffic echoing through the stairwell. On his way to the top floor, Val passes two young girls entwined in a passionate embrace and several other people in various states of conjugation and altered consciousness.

Upon reaching the top, Val finds the source of the music is his old studio. Val enters to find a Warholesque party raging at full throttle. Val joins in and asks several people, whose party is this. He’s told, no other than Jackson King. Val looks for his neighbor and host to introduce himself, but Jackson King is nowhere to around. Val brings home a beautiful woman to his room, but before the two can perform, Val passes out.
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