Introducing Mr. Jackson King - Parodos Part III

The next morning Val wakes in bed up hangover. He rolls over and is startled by an unattractive woman. It is the same woman who Val left with last night, yet her appearance has changed as Val is now sober. While getting sick in his sink, the girl dresses, and asks Val or cab fare, Val reluctantly agrees. She tells him, “at least I asked first, if I had to take it, it would have been a lot more.”

While Val assembles himself, a young man wanders into his room. The man introduces Himself as Jackson King. Val tells him that he crashed his party last night. Jackson tells him that was fine, and he should have said hello. As Val tries explaining that he couldn’t find him, Jackson cuts him off to correct Val. “It wasn’t a party,” Jackson says, it was just some friends getting together and that even Val could recognize that. Val agrees obviously.

Val takes an immediate liking to Jackson, and the two go over to Jackson’s studio where they drink and talk. Val peruses Jackson’s collection of knick-knacks finding a piece of a Chagall mosaic. Knowing Jenna is a Chagall enthusiast, Val asks Jackson if he could buy the glass from him. Jackson gives Val the collage glass without charge. Jackson has another gift for Val, the paint brushes he left behind when he abandoned his studio. Seeing them, Val feels as if he is about to cry, but his ringing phone saves him from tearing up in front of Jackson.

Val returns to his room to take the call from the last person he was expecting, Jenna.
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