A Fragment of Four Seasons

Val is surprised by the call and asks Jenna how she got his new number. Jenna tells him, from Lara, and she’s calling to make sure Val didn’t have the wrong impression, no matter what he heard Ian is not having an affair. Jenna must cut the call short and invites Val to lunch.

The next day over lunch Jenna apologizes to Val for putting him in such an awkward position. Val begins to explain why he did what he did. Jenna tells him it doesn’t matter. All dreams begin as they end and she is fine where she ended up.

Val tries to convince Jenna to leave Ian, it is less than a year, and he is already cheating on her. Jenna tells Val, there are only twelve covers of American Artist a year, just twelve! My husband is on the cover of September. Val takes out the Chagall Glass he was about to give to Jenna and then he stops. Jenna asks what he has. Val tells her it is nothing, just a piece of glass.

After lunch, Val throws the Chagall glass into the East River.

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