Death of an Immigrant

Val sees Jenna home, and Ruta and Ian stay behind in Jackson's studio. Ian and Ruta have one final fling, during which, Ian unintentionally shoots Ruta with an overdose of heroin leaving Jackson and Val with the corpse.

Believing he has no other option, Val and Jackson dump Ruta’s body near the East River. After they dump her body, Val takes Jackson home before paying a visit to Jenna and Ian. Jenna refuses to let Val see Ian and asks him if he has taken care of everything. Val asks her how she can be so callous when a young girl has just died. Jenna tells Val, she knows nothing about it, there was no involvement by her and Ian, Val should just forget about it.

Val asks her, how he could ever have been in love with a woman like her. Jenna tells him, he should have never have come back to New York and should have stayed gone.

Mr. Jack

The penultimate vignette of Mr. Jack begins with Val taking on a fatherly role as he insists on seeing Jenna home. In this, we can infer that perhaps Val’s intentions may have been motived by love and not selfish desire. The party is over, and Val abruptly sobers up with the death of innocence.

With Ruta’s death Val’s paradigm of reality shifts, if not so much in the death of a young woman, but the responsibility for her remains part of which he takes on himself, and part of which is foisted upon him. In the moment of crisis, character is reviled. Val and Jenna seemingly have switched their take on reality; for the first time, we see Val affected by the /Here and Now/, as we see Jenna deny this same reality.
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