Episode 3: Crosstown Traffic

Val lies in bed having nightmares with surrealistic visions of his life and images of the boy he beat the day before. He wakes up and begins to cry while he washes his face. Jenna arrives to return Val’s wallet which he left at the Pink Pony during their lunch. Jenna lectures Val, he’s not a kid anymore, and he has to begin to take his life seriously. While they speak, Jackson arrives and introduces himself.

Jenna is immediately smitten by him. Jackson invites her in for a coffee, and they spend hours taking. That evening Val calls upon Jackson who is energetically running about his studio. Jackson asks Val about Jenna and how the two of them hit it off and how he would love to see her again. Val tells him that Jenna is his ex-girlfriend who he is trying to win back. The situation creates a tension between the two friends.

Later Val calls on Lara at her shop and asks her out for a drink. While they are out Val tries to pry information out of Lara. Lara tells him that Jenna knows about Ian’s infidelities but tolerates them. Val asks Lara what you think Ian would do if Jenna would ever have an affair. Lara says with absolute certainty, Ian would kick her ass out. Thinking it would accelerate the breakup of her marriage, Val tells Jackson that he is alright with him dating Jenna.

Jackson asks Val to invite Jenna to a party he’s throwing at his studio. Val calls Jenna, and she arranges to come over the following night.

Mr. Jack
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