Episode 4: All Tomorrows Parties

The next night a vicious thunderstorm unleashes over the LES and Jenna arrives drenched. Jenna stops off at Val’s to dry off and get herself together. While she assembles herself, Val runs over to Jackson’s studio telling him they’re running late. Excepting a full-blown party, Val is surprised to see the demur intimate setting.

When Jenna arrives, they find it is only her, Val and Jackson. Feeling the third wheel as they sit and drink Champagne, Val wanders off to visit Amiee. Val asks her for a shot of heroin. She asks him why and he tells her of the situation with Jackson and his ex-girlfriend. Amiee refuses and tells him to come back for his first hit when he’s in a better frame of mind.

As Val is about to leave, Amiee offers to sleep with him, and Val spends the night with her. The next day Val return’s home and goes up to the roof where he discovers barefoot Jenna wearing an oversized white man’s shirt. Jenna is in ecstasy, she tells Val that he was right, she should leave Ian for someone who appreciates her.

Val feels he’s made a terrible mistake. The next day Val calls on Jackson, but his studio is empty. Val walks in and begins to examine Jackson’s work. Val discovers, and Jackson admits that he’s not a painter, he’s a fraud. Val is furious with him, “I’ve taken my soul to the brink of insanity for my artwork, and you think you can put your name in the lower-left and get away with it! Val leaves with the intention of never speaking to Jackson again.

Mr. Jack
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