Episode 6: The Endless Pain of Tomorrow

Convinced now that his wife has been unfaithful, Ian arrives at Jackson’s studio with Ruta, his Ukrainian mistress, to confront Jackson and Jenna. Ian tells Jenna to choose between him and Jackson. She picks Ian.

The decision devastates Jackson who walks out of his studio in despair.

Val sees Jenna home, and Ruta and Ian stay behind in Jackson's studio. Ian and Ruta have one final fling, during which, Ian unintentionally shoots Ruta with an overdose of heroin leaving Jackson and Val with the corpse.

Believing he has no other option, Val and Jackson dump Ruta’s body near the East River. After they dump her body, Val takes Jackson home before paying a visit to Jenna and Ian. Jenna refuses to let Val see Ian and asks him if he has taken care of everything. Val asks her how she can be so callous when a young girl has just died. Jenna tells Val, she knows nothing about it, there was no involvement by her and Ian, Val should just forget about it.

Val asks her, how he could ever have been in love with a woman like her. Jenna tells him, he should have never have come back to New York and should have stayed gone.

Val arrives at his home to find the police cordoning off the building with crime scene tape. Upon learning of his wife’s death, Ruta’s husband Peter tracked her down to Jackson’s studio. Thinking he was responsible for the death of his wife, Peter threw Jackson off the roof.

Val returns to Williamsburg and tracks down Ian and finds him on the street. The two men scuffle, and Val demands to know how Peter found out where Jackson lived. Ian tells Val everyone is better off with Jackson dead.

Jackson’s funeral is sparse. Apart from a few curiosity seekers, the only attendees are Jimmy, Val, and Jackson’s uncle, Jedidiah. After the funeral, they return to Jimmy’s, and the three men raise a toast, to Jackson King.

In the end, Val ascends the stairs to the floor where he supposedly lived with Jackson. He tries the door to his room, but the room is padlocked as it were in the opening scene. Val turns around and sees the door his old apartment open, and he walks in. All the splendor of Jackson’s apparent is gone. The room is bare and dilapidated. Val sits at his counter, his face is aged. Val begins to cook a shot of heroin as the screen fades to black.

Mr. Jack

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